The world has been overrun by relentless hoards of mindless zombies. Configure your robot(s) to defeat the oncoming zombie hoards. Originally created for the 2015 AI Game Jam. This game contains sound. This game still has a few kinks with (eg keyboard input does not work) it works better in its own server.

How to play

You play the game by configuring various values that your robot(s) use to strategize against the zombies. You do this by clicking or tapping the + and - buttons next to the various values in the top left corner.

You can change the Breadth and Death at which the robots search through future states. Increasing the Breadth will cause them to consider more possible moves. Increasing the Death will cause them to look farther into the future. Anytime you increase one the other will automatically decrease.

You can also cause the robots to prioritize various aspects of gameplay. You should set these values to something greater than zero or else the robot will ignore them .

  • Min Dist - Causes robot to try to get close to nearest zombie.
  • All Dist - Causes robot to try to get close to all of the zombies.
  • Kill Zombies - Causes the robot to try to kill zombies.
  • Stop Zombies - Causes robot to try to prevent zombies from escaping.

Try varying this values throughout the game to see how long you can survive.


Designed and Programmed by William Ritson

Asset Collection and Modification by Chad Benson


PandaJS Game engine by Eemeli Kelokorpi (MIT)

Forest Tileset by Redshrike (CC-BY)

Zombie by Chris Hildenbrand (Permission for commercial and noncommercial use)

Background music by Koródi Antal (CC-BY)