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Last Hope is a game inspired by the 2019 GMTK game jam, but not actually built during it. You were sent back in time to avert the end of the world. If you die your time machine can save you, but be warned, its energy source is limited. If it fails, all is lost.


This game requires a controller to play.

Move - Left Stick

Aim - Right Stick

Fire - Right Trigger


  • YouMurdererBB font by Blambot 
  • BloodOverlay by 1up Indy
  • nature-sky-sunset-the-mountains by NO NAME
  • Player character by AveryRe
  • Zombie by rileygombart
  • Tileset by ZiNGOT
  • Universal Sound FX by Imphenzia
  • Ultimate Game Music Collection by John Leonard French


last-hope-win64.zip 39 MB

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