Zoe is on a rampage and only Mortzzenkainen the Mousenificent can calm her down before she makes a mess of the lab. Take care of her with your best array of magically conjured cat toys. 


Dodge Zoes overzealous play and place toys to block her projectiles from damaging the house. Any toy that reaches Zoe without being destroyed will also tire her out. Once she is completely exhausted peace will be restored.

You can change the difficulty from the options menu.


Move Up: W or Up Arrow

Mode Down: S or Down Arrow

Conjure Defense: Numbers 1-6 or click the buttons


Add the description of what each defense does here

Scratching Post: Summons a scratching post which has high health and is resistant to scratching. However, it doesn't tire the cat out very much.

Yarn Ball: Summons a ball of yarn which is vulnerable to attacks but tires the cat out a great deal.

Feather Duster: Summons a feather duster draws the cat towards it.

Catnip: Summons catnip which will put the cat in a hyperactive state. While hyperactive the cat will be more dangerous but also tire faster.

Illusory Kitten: Summons an illusion of a kitten which is extremely vulnerable and attracts the cat to it. However, if it hits its highly tiring and stuns the cat.

Zoey's Attacks

Scratch & Meow: Does moderate damage to whatever it touches.

Lick: Does very light damage to whatever it touches.

Furball: Does heavy damage to whatever it touches. It's only casted after lick.

Paw: Does heavy damage to defenses, but does not affect the mouse or house.

Butthole Exposure :o :Does moderate damage to all lanes.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsWilliam Ritson, Luke Seymour, donkid33, ian98, SupriseOrb, LexyVFX, Phhase
Made withUnity


extra-credits-game-jam-6-windows-x86.zip 29 MB
Version 59 Aug 24, 2020
extra-credits-game-jam-6-windows-x64.zip 32 MB
Version 59 Aug 24, 2020
extra-credits-game-jam-6-osx.zip 32 MB
Version 58 Aug 24, 2020
extra-credits-game-jam-6-linux.zip 35 MB
Version 58 Aug 24, 2020


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Thanks for the game!

It was very intense, even on the medium difficulty! I enjoyed the twist on the Plants vs. Zombie formula. I didn't read the full description before starting, so figuring out how different attacks work was somewhat difficult, but when I grasped basic understanding, some strategies started to emerge, which was great. I would say that it wasn't always clear which line am I currently on, and the mouse movement would have worked better if it were discrete instead of continuous. The game also looked and sounded very silly but in a funny way! 

P.S.: C# Unity Game Development course anybody? ;)


Damn, this game got me exited! Zoe is a really scary enemy, who keeps the attention and makes me anxious. The good news is that this is not a simple Zombies vs. Plants clone. There are descriptions of upcoming enemy attacks, cool art, beautifully ghoulish cat sounds, as well as adorable sound design.